Throughout the media, Rikke has commented on everything cycling. From smaller races all the way up to the 2022 Danish Grand Depart of the Tour de France. Here Rikke worked closely with TV2 to create evaluation and presentation of the different riders live on TV.


CYKELUDFORDRINGEN, In 2019 Rikke Laursen was the architect behind an eight-episode-long TV show for TVR media, which aired on DK4. The programme centered around Rikke training eight newcomers to cycling to such a level that they would be able to climb one of Spain’s tallest mountains. Rikke was personally responsible for casting of the participants and sponsors in collaboration with TVR Media, whilst acting as both host and trainer in the show. The programme significantly boosted viewership on DK4 (14% increase). Read more on


Rikke has featured on several podcasts giving her expert viewpoint on cycling and exercise. For instance Balsam for sjælen ‘Kvinder og gravelcycling’ where Rikke featured to elaborate gravel cycling and all it entails.


Lastly, Rikke is often quoted and featured in magazines, including Times magazine and several Danish household names like Alt for Damerne, Magazinet Liv and others.

Cykeludfordringen, episode 1

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